Active again thanks to her tissue donor

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Ivy Chang is a young woman who enjoys the outdoors and taking her dog, Sky, on walks.


Ivy takes Sky for a walk

As a nurse, Ivy is attuned to taking care of others; little did she know that she was going to be the one needing care. In January of 2016 she suffered an injury to her ACL during a skiing accident that threatened her active lifestyle.

The damage to her ACL was extensive, requiring that the tendon be replaced with a donor tendon.  After months of physical therapy she is now back on her feet and excited about starting her dance classes again.

Ivy didn’t know much about tissue donation before her accident, but she is grateful to her donor for the opportunity to resume her normal active lifestyle without pain. This experience has inspired her to register as a donor herself.

“I’m looking forward to dancing, skiing, hiking, and taking care of my puppy,” says Ivy in a letter to her donor family.