Creating a quilt square is another way to honor the legacy of your loved one. Each year we create donor memorial quilts out of the quilt squares provided by donor families.

These donor memorial quilts honor and remember those who have given the gift of life. Each square is unique and personal. Some have pictures, others sayings. All together, they represent the lives of all those who have been so generous.

We continuously collect memories from donor families to create more donor memorial quilts. Once we receive 25 squares, we sew them together into a quilt and they are displayed in our offices as well as at special events.

Create a Memorial Quilt Square

  • The design must fit within an 8-inch square and have a ½-inch border on all sides to use to sew squares together. Do not “finish” the square with quilting or backing.
  • Use any color or fabric, including such sentimental materials as your loved one’s baby blanket, high school jacket, tie, or favorite sweater.
  • You may use buttons, crayons, fabric, paint, markers, glitter, thread, yarn, or other media on the square. You can also include photographs, poems, quotes, or other symbols of your loved one’s life.
  • Feel free to include the name of your loved one, as well as their day of birth and death. Please be aware that these quilts will be on public display.
  • We invite you to submit a few words describing the story behind your square for display on our website and elsewhere. Knowing the story behind the squares makes these quilts all the more powerful.

Mail Your Memorial Quilt Square

  • Please print and complete the quilt square form in English or Spanish, including your name, your loved one’s name, your contact information, and if you wish, a few words describing your square. (This is not necessary for submitting a square).
  • Consider taking a photo of your square so that you will always remember it.
  • Place your square in a plastic bag for protection, and then place within a larger envelope, including your completed form.
  • We suggest mailing your square using an insured carrier or registered mail so you can be sure it reaches us safe and sound.

Mail your square to:
Donor Network West
12667 Alcosta Blvd., Suite 500
San Ramon, CA 94583


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make more than one quilt square? Due to the overwhelming response to this project, we ask families to send in one quilt square for each donor.

Can I submit a square for someone who gave the “gift of life” several years ago? Yes. There is no time limit on who can be included in the quilt project.

Where will my square be displayed? We display quilts in our offices, at events, and on our website. Because we now have many wonderful quilts, they are distributed throughout our service area, and we may not have every quilt at every event.

Please email our Event Specialist or call 925.480.3225 with any further questions.

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