We Speak Life

We Speak Life is a short documentary that seeks to spark conversations within the Black community about the importance of organ donation. Black Americans make up one of the largest ethnicity groups in need of an organ transplant in the United States, yet only 39% have registered as organ donors.

The film showcases Black Donate Life champions impacted by donation from a myriad of backgrounds and experiences, while candidly unpacking the issues of lingering mistrust in healthcare institutions in the Black community. As the first content offering of its kind, Donor Network West has the opportunity to amplify this important film as a platform for igniting conversations and driving donor registrations within the Black community to give hope to those waiting for a second chance at life.

In celebration of Black History Month, we invite you to have the discussion within your classrooms and with family and friends. Join Donor Network West in celebrating the rich history of the Black community and dive into the discussion behind the disparity in organ, eye and tissue donation.

The educator and student toolkits below will provide you with a host of resources to help you plan, communicate and engage young adults to start having these important and thoughtful conversations now.

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Anthony Robinson, heart recipient

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We Speak Life film was funded by the California Endowment and produced by Donor Network West

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