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Donor Network West is a federally designated nonprofit, 501(c)3, organ procurement and tissue recovery organization (OPO) with headquarters in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Established in 1987, we serve more than 13 million people and connect a donor’s gift to those in need in 45 counties in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

La donación de órganos, ojos y tejidos ofrece la esperanza de sanar vidas. La generosidad de los donantes y sus familias nos permiten recuperar y asignar órganos y tejidos para propósito de trasplante e investigación. Podemos cumplir con nuestra misión de salvar y sanar vidas gracias a nuestro trabajo en conjunto con 175 hospitales, doctores, enfermeras, más de 500 casas funerarias y 44 médicos forenses y examinadores médicos.

Donor Network West es una organización Done vida miembro acreditado de la Asociación Americana de Bancos de Tejidos (AATB) y el Red para Compartir Órganos (UNOS). También somos miembros de Done Vida California y Done Vida Nevada.

Nuestra misión

Para salvar y curar vidas a través de la donación de órganos y tejidos para trasplantes e investigación.

Nuestra visión

Ser el líder en la industria de obtención de órganos y tejidos con un apoyo compasivo y excelencia en el servicio.

1984 – Congress passes the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA). The Act called for the establishment of a national organ matching system as well as the establishment of a network of private, federally mandated nonprofit organizations that would be tasked with the regional recovery and placement of donor organs.

Previously, in the 1970s and early 1980s, transplant centers coordinated their own recoveries with some programs sharing organs with each other on a regional basis. In 1986, the Northern California Transplant Bank (NCTB) was founded to coordinate donation in hospitals on behalf of the transplant programs.

1986 – Northern California Transplant Bank (NCTB) is founded to coordinate donation in hospitals on behalf of the transplant programs.

1987 – An executive committee of high-level hospital administrators of the four major transplant centers in Northern California came together to develop an independent Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) in response to NOTA. The resulting structure became known as California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN) whose mission was based on recovering organs for transplantation while NCTB’s mission remained focused on tissue recovery.

Phyllis Weber is appointed Executive Director of CTDN. In the first year, 15 employees are recruited whose functions were a combination of hospital education and donor management.

2007 – Phyllis Weber retires as Executive Director of California Transplant Donor Network after serving the organization for 20 years.

2008 (April) – Cynthia Siljestrom is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of CTDN.

2010 – CTDN transitions three regional tissue bank recovery service programs, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), Tissue Banks International (TBI), and Community Tissue Services (CTS), to an internal department. Bringing the tissue recovery in-house makes CTDN the single point of contact for both organ and tissue recovery within its donation service area. With the combination of these recovery services, CTDN is able to increase donation rates while making the process easier for hospitals and donor families.

2011 (July) – CTDN establishes an Operations Center in San Leandro, California.

2012 (May) – CTDN opens a Nevada headquarters office in Reno.

2014 (October) – CTDN formally launches a research department. In addition to transplantation, donation for research purposes may save and heal future lives through the advancement of medical research. Research donations help increase knowledge of diseases and allow for the development of novel medications to treat them.

2015 (March) – California Transplant Donor Network changes its name to Donor Network West. The new name captures the organization’s commitment to practicing excellence and compassion in the journey of the donated gift and more accurately describes their service area, which includes Northern Nevada.

2015 (June) – Donor Network West consolidates its Oakland and San Leandro offices into its new headquarters in San Ramon, California.

2015 (December) – Donor Network Wests relocates its Fresno office.

2016 – Donor Network West begins a partnership with San Ramon Regional Medical Center (SRRMC). Under the collaboration, the first of its kind in California, specific organ donors are transferred to the hospital’s facilities as a way to accommodate a more certain time frame for donor families for the recovery of organs. SRRMC is, located across the street from Donor Network West’s headquarters.

2016 (July) – Donor Network West’s Clinical Center opens in San Ramon.

2018 (May) – Donor Network West’s Chief Executive Officer, Cindy Siljestrom, retires. Sean Van Slyck is named Interim CEO.

2019 – Donor Network West welcomes Janice F. Whaley as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Salvando y sanando vidas todos los días

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