Donor Network West saves and heals lives through organ and tissue donation. We honor and respect the donors and families we serve with compassionate care, and inspire our communities to donate life. Donor Network West is proud to be the third largest federally designated organ procurement organization and one of the largest tissue recovery organizations in the nation.

Donor Network West serves more than 13 million people in 40 counties in northern California and Nevada. We work in close partnership with families, doctors, nurses, more than 500 funeral homes, and 44 coroners and medical examiners to connect donors to recipients, because every donation is a generous, powerful gift that can save and heal the life of someone in need.

Did you know that 115,000 people are currently awaiting a life-saving transplant in the United States? Discover how many people are waiting for a transplant near you by using our interactive map. Become educated on organ and tissue donation by visiting our facts page. Give hope to those waiting by registering as a donor at the DMV or online and be sure to share your decision with your family and friends.

Stories in our Community:


A Mission to Heal
An interactive map shows residents in our donation service area how donation & transplantation impacts communities.

Barbara Rooks

Choose to Live
Barbara remains hopeful she will get a kidney. She shares her story at the SF Citywide Revival.


A Bright Future
Scott received a new liver at only 8-months-old. How will you celebrate donation this Donate Life Month?