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In addition to the primary purpose of procuring organs and tissues for transplantation, most organ procurement organization (OPOs) in the United States procure a large number of samples for the purpose of research. These samples are provided to researchers along with a few additional non-protected health information (PHI) data points to facilitate better matching for various comparative experiments.

During the last 3 decades, the Donor Network West Data Team has meticulously collected and archived a huge array of data points from all donors called Donor Network West Metadata Inventory (DNWMI). The data inventory includes but is not limited to Medical/Social history, complete blood count (CBC), donation after cardiac death (DCD) information, DCD evaluation results, blood culture results, and arterial blood gas (ABG). In fact, the total number of data points collected at DNWMI has reached more than one billion points. Performing analytics on big data collected under DNWMI enables data scientists from a variety of disciplines to uncover novel patterns, correlations, and gain insights in data with significant predictive value. In order to provide a better description of the nature of data points collected at DNWMI in each category, the original blank forms have been provided in this page. There is no doubt that accessing secure and non-PHI data would provide scientists an unprecedented opportunity to analyze our metadata for predictive and analytic research among many others.

Researchers from academic and non-profit organizations in the United States are encouraged to apply to access DNWMI. The application process is similar to the request for tissue samples in terms of evaluation and rigor. Once the project is evaluated for adherence to ethical and legal guidelines and is approved by the Donor Network West Medical Advisory Board, the investigators will be given the opportunity to build their queries for searching DNWMI.

Data Points Collected

View our Metadata Inventory

  • Medical Social - 456,932 Data Pts.

    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Seizures

    Medical Social Form

  • CBC - 169,473 Data Pts.

    • WBC (White Blood Cells)
    • RBC (Red Blood Cells)
    • Hb (Hemoglobin)

    CBC Form

    *CBC (Complete Blood Count)

  • DCD Information - 160,656 Data Pts.

    • Observation Period
    • Warm Ischemic Time
    • Urine Output

    DCD Info Form

    *DCD (Death After Cardiac Death)

  • DCD Evaluation - 132,655 Data Pts.

    • Heart Rate
    • Blood Pressure
    • Respiratory Rate

    DCD Evaluation Form

    *DCD (Death After Cardiac Death)

  • Culture Results - 119,902 Data Pts.

    • Clinical Infections
    • Blood
    • Urine

    Culture Results Form

  • ABG - 77,525 Data Pts.

    • pH
    • pO2 (Oxygen Partial Pressure)
    • pCO2 (CO2 Partial Pressure)

    ABG Form

    *ABG (Arterial Blood Gas)

  • Chemistry - 72,554 Data Pts.

    • Creatinine
    • Glucose
    • Total Bilirubin

    Chemistry Form

  • Flowsheet - 65,802 Data Pts.

    • Vital Signs
    • Vent Settings
    • Fluid Intake/Output

    Flowsheet Form

  • Diagnostics - 64,246 Data Pts.

    • X-Ray
    • CT
    • MRI

    Diagnostics Form

  • Serology - 59,582 Data Pts.

    • HBV
    • HCV
    • HIV
    Serology Form
  • Hemodynamics/Temp. – 54,154 Data Pts.

    • Lowest/Highest BP
    • Lowest/Highest HR
    • Lowest/Highest Temp.
    Hemodynamics/Temp. Form
  • Brainstem – 28,326 Data Pts.

    • Cough Reflex
    • Pupillary Reaction
    • Gag Reflex

    Brainstem Form

  • Blood Proteins – 23,177 Data Pts.

    • Albumin
    • Amylase
    • Alkaline Phosphatase

    Blood Proteins Form

  • Urinalysis – 18,214 Data Pts.

    • Protein
    • Glucose
    • pH

    Urinalysis Form

  • CBC Other – 10,548 Data Pts.

    • Platelets
    • Lymphocytes
    • Eosinophil

    CBC Other Form