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The Impact of Organ and Tissue Donation

Last year alone, there were 40,000 transplants made in the United States thanks to the generosity of organ donors. A single donor has the power to extend and heal the lives of many. With organ donation, a donor can save up to eight lives. Through tissue donation, one donor can heal up to 75 lives.

  • 100,000+ People

    are waiting for an organ transplant in the United States

  • Every 10 Minutes

    someone is added to the organ transplant waiting list

  • 22 People

    on average die every day waiting for a life-saving organ

  • 8 Lives

    can be saved by just 1 person through organ donation

  • 75 people

    can receive tissue donations from a single donor

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Donor Registration Matters to Those Who Wait

The majority of Americans—95% are in favor of organ donation. But only 58% are actually registered.

That’s a big gap to close and an important one. As the transplant waiting list grows each day, a boost in registration numbers gives people hope and a second chance at life.

In our service area of Northern California and Northern Nevada the need is great:

  • More than 700 Nevadans are waiting
  • More than 20,000 Californians are waiting

People in need of a transplant can expect the following wait times on average for a life-saving organ:

  • 145 days - adults (72 days for children) for a liver
  • 6 months for a heart
  • 2 years for lungs
  • 2 years for a pancreas
  • 3-5 years for a kidney

Less than 1% of donors end up meeting the specific medical criteria to donate their organs and tissue.

Common Misconceptions About Organ Donation

Concerns around organ donation stem from misinformation.

  • MYTH: I’m too old and too sick to be a donor.

    TRUTH: Anyone of any age or health condition can register to be a donor. Upon death, let the medical professionals decide if you are an eligible donor.

  • MYTH: If I’m in a life-threatening car accident, the EMT won’t save me if I’m a registered donor.

    TRUTH: Saving your life is always the first priority for all EMTs and medical professionals. They will not consider your donor status.

  • MYTH: If I was rich, I could just jump to the top of the waiting list.

    TRUTH: No one can skip to the top of the waiting list.

  • MYTH: My family may be left with the additional medical expenses of donation.

    TRUTH: There are no expenses that will be left to your family if you are an organ donor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have further questions? We have answers to everything from common misconceptions to specific religious stances on organ donation.