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Ella's Kidney Transplant Journey and Advocacy

Ella Chamness (14) from Menlo Park, CA is working towards her Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest honor a Cadette can achieve. To reach her goal, Ella is focusing on an issue she is passionate about and is taking action to make a difference. For Ella, a kidney recipient, that issue is organ donation.

Stories of Hope

We honor the lives of organ donors who have given the gift of life. Read our stories to understand how donation brings people together and makes a second chance at life possible.

  • Arlinda Timmons-Love is the mother of Maurice Godfrey and an organ donation advocate
    Donor Advocacy

    Bay Area Mother Regrets Not Donating Her Teenage Son’s Organs Four Decades Ago

  • Donor Family Story

    Young woman from Huron joined recipient of her mother’s lungs in Pasadena for Rose Parade

  • Haylee Ponte, Donor and Florograph Honoree
    Donor and Recipient Story

    Donor Family From Sparks, NV Met Their Daughter’s Cornea Recipient For The First Time

“I want to change the attitudes of African American families toward organ donation. If I had decided to donate, someone might be alive today because of Maurice and at least a part of him would still be here with us. I now tell my community to allow their children to live on.”
Arlinda Timmons-Love | Mother of Maurice Lavelle Godfrey
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  • Vince Cortez, cornea recipient
    Donor Recipient Story

    Cornea Transplant Restores Sight To Fresno Barbershop Owner And Father

  • Jabari, Organ Recipient

    Two Bay Area Children Saved By Organ Donation

  • Hispanic Heritage Month 2018 – Delivering Vida Hundreds Of Miles Away

“I registered as an organ and tissue donor so that maybe one day I can give someone the life-changing opportunity I was given.”
Vince Cortez | double cornea transplant recipient
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  • Young girl pitching
    Living Donor Recipient

    A Father’s Gift Of Life

  • Barbara Rooks, organ donation advocate
    Organ Donation Advocate

    Choose To Live

  • Organ Recipient

    Baby Scott's Bright Future

“When you get to help someone, like a young child, you’ll feel immense happiness and joy. Whoever our donor was, I want to tell the family that I am truly thankful. I don’t even know how to put it into words because there are just so many emotions and appreciations that come with this gift.”
Cuc Nguyen | Scott’s mother
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Help Educate and Inspire Others

The saving and healing power of organ and tissue donation impacts people in our community.