When families authorize donation for medical research, they allow their loved one to build a long-lasting legacy of hope that could not be accomplished in any other way.

Donor Network West strives to increase the number of lives saved and healed through organ and tissue transplantation. In addition to transplantation, donation for research purposes may save and heal future lives through the advancement of medical research. Research donations help increase knowledge of diseases and allow for the development of novel medications to treat them.

We partner with researchers who analyze samples, conduct clinical trials at academic centers, work in industry laboratories to improve the outcomes of transplanted organs, and improve medicine for the general public.

Donor Network West is dedicated to working in close partnerships with researchers in academic medical centers, hospitals, universities, and biotechnology centers to advance the field of research through organ and tissue donations.

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From left: Phil Brown, B.S. - Research Program Manager; Ahmad Salehi, M.D., Ph.D. - Director; Ravi Ponnusamy, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist

Are you a researcher who would like to partner with us?

aline copp

“Donating Carter’s organs and tissues for research was a wonderful tribute that added a layer of dignity and meaning to her life. It gave us strength, hope, and peace to know that her gifts would impact the lives of others through science and research.”

-Aline Copp, donor mother

“Donor Network West enables us to make breakthroughs and be at the translational research front line as part of Stanford’s initiative to cure hearing loss. The research team’s professional approach and scientific knowledge supports our life-enhancing mission to transition from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside. Their devotion supports our efforts of optimizing our processes.”

-Yona Vaisbuch, M.D. – Otolaryngology Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery – Stanford University School of Medicine

Yona Vaisbuch MD

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