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Celebrating the Young Carson City Local Who Saved Three Lives

Jake Sullivan Roman—a Carson City local—was a vibrant athlete, an academic achiever, and a soul filled with kindness. He loved music and the great outdoors and excelled in his courses while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Just two days shy of his twenty-first birthday on January 20, 2020, Jake passed away due to severe injuries from a snowmobiling accident. The Roman family faced the unimaginable pain of losing a beloved son and brother. Within this sorrow, hope emerged. Jake was a registered organ donor; both of his kidneys and liver were donated, saving three individuals.

His legacy was celebrated on January 1, 2024, in Pasadena, California, at the Rose Parade®.

In a special ceremony on December 1st, 2023, at the Donor Network West Nevada Headquarters, the Roman family viewed Jake’s memorial floragraph for the first time. Together, they completed the floragraph in honor of their loved one. Alongside this tribute was a display featuring photos of Jake to honor his life and showcase his kind spirit and fun-loving sense of humor. Susan and Blair Roman, accompanied by their two other children, felt the overwhelming support of a community that recognized the immense gifts their son gave.

“Jake was such a positive person,” Blair, Jake’s father, reflected. “I never heard him talk badly about anybody, even his friends or people at school. I want people to know what a great human being he was.”

This Rose Parade® ceremony is not just a commemoration, but a celebration of a life well lived and a memory of an incredible son, brother, and friend.

Jake’s floragraph, along with the mosaic of other donors’ stories, symbolizes a legacy of compassion, generosity, and the eternal ripple effect of love. His story—along with the other organ donor heroes, transplant recipients, and living organ donors featured in the Rose Parade®—are reminders that we all have the opportunity to save and heal lives.

December 15, 2023