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The Best of Us – Stephani Walton

Stephani Walton, a dedicated nurse and community leader, traces her commitment to organ donation back to her teenage years. Since obtaining her driver’s license, she has been a steadfast advocate, ensuring her family and friends are aware of her decision.







Her altruistic spirit led her to nursing school, deepening her connection to organ transplantation. Despite witnessing the sorrow of loss, Stephani found solace in the lives she helped save, and being part of life-saving transplant processes. As an ICU Charge Nurse with Dameron Hospital from 1991-1999, she received letters from Donor Network West, back when we were formerly known as the California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN), acknowledging the impactful lives saved through her and the entire team’s efforts.

Now, as a Certified Diabetes Education & Care Specialist, Stephani actively promotes good health to help prevent the need for transplantation. She serves as a clinical educator & new grad RN educator at Dameron Hospital, and her role as an educator and Donate Life Ambassador extends to training hospital staff and traveling nurses on the intricacies of the transplantation process, including the crucial call to Donor Network West when a patient passes. 

Stephani confronts misconceptions surrounding organ and tissue donation in her community education efforts. Through church visits, tabling events, and community outreach, she actively engages with DNWest representatives to dispel myths, especially within African American communities.







Stephani’s journey exemplifies a lifelong commitment to education, dispelling myths, and fostering a culture of informed decision-making around organ donation. 


February 1, 2024