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A Hero Within Us All – Luis Mayen – Living Kidney Donor

There is a hero within us all, dormant and patiently waiting for the grand opportunity to jump into the frontlines of aiding someone’s life for the better – several if we’re lucky. Luis Mayen, Vice President of External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, recently made the courageous decision to become a living organ donor. After months of tests and evaluations, his selfless act was made possible. Luis donated one of his kidneys to a woman living over 2,000+ miles away in New York. “It’s the best decision I ever made in my life,” said Luis.

His donation was altruistic, and he views it “purely as a Gift of Life” to a dialysis patient was in dire need of a second chance. Luis hopes his recipient is doing well and is hopeful to learn more about her one day – their stories are now inextricably connected. “This person gets a whole new lease on life, and I would love to write to her, giving her my well wishes. I’m curious to know how she’s doing and feels.” 

This National Kidney Month, we’re honored to have Luis serve as an incredible reminder that there are many ways to spread awareness and aid in saving lives through organ donation, transplantation, and research. As an advocate and changemaker, Luis dedicates his time to ensuring Donor Network West’s partnerships are prosperous among many organizations and stakeholders and that the voices of those in need have a chance to be heard in communities where it may not have seemed possible. After over 25 years at Donor Network West, we are both proud and in awe of Luis’ decision to answer the call to become a life-saving hero to someone else. His journey to becoming a living kidney donor reminds us that there is a hero within us all and reminds us of the lifelong question – if you could save a life, would you?  

“We get to help hundreds to thousands of people living with kidney disease on a day-to-day basis here at Donor Network West. I am so proud to say that personally, I was able to help someone.” 


March 25, 2024