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2024 Capital Campaign Plan Donor Recovery Center

By supporting this campaign, you're directly contributing to:


Increased Number of Transplants:
Saving more lives through readily available organs.
Enhanced Efficiency:
Streamlined operations leading to quicker transplant processes.
Support for Donor Families:
Offering a dedicated space for comfort and reflection during a difficult time

Donor Network West, the federally mandated organization entrusted with saving lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation in Northern California and Northern Nevada, we are embarking on a transformative journey. We are aiming to create a beacon of hope – a state-of-the-art donor recovery center that will be located at 2409 Camino Ramon in San Ramon, CA.

This isn't just a new building; it's a symbol of a brighter future for countless patients desperately waiting for life-saving transplants. But the current reality is stark. The number of available organs falls tragically short of the immense need. Donor Network West's vision for this new center is a powerful response to this challenge.

Imagine a streamlined operation. Donor Network West currently operates from four separate locations in San Ramon. This new facility, a spacious 100,000 square foot space within Bishop Ranch, will bring everything together under one roof. This consolidation will foster collaboration, communication, and ultimately, efficiency. No more wasted time in transit – Donor Network West’s team can focus on their core mission: saving lives.

The crown jewel of this new facility will be a specially designed donor recovery unit. Equipped with the latest advancements in technology, this unit will be optimized for maximizing the viability of donated organs. This translates to more lives saved, more hope realized.

We understand the immense generosity and profound loss that accompanies organ donation. The new center will prioritize the well-being of donor families by offering a dedicated space for them. Here, families can find solace and support amidst their grief, with the knowledge that their loved one's gift will offer a second chance to others.

This ambitious project requires your support. Donor Network West is seeking funding to purchase and equip the new facility. Your contribution will be an investment in the future – a future where hope flourishes, and countless lives are saved thanks to the incredible generosity of organ donors and their families.

Bubba Paris, Executive Director of Donor Network West Foundation, is leading our capital campaign to build a dedicated donor recovery center. He shares his personal connection and why we are soliciting your help.


Imagine: Over 100,000 people across the country wait desperately for a life-saving organ transplant. Every day,17 of them die waiting. These are more than just numbers; they're real people, each with a story, a family, and dreams for the future.

For me, these numbers have faces. I've known people like Greg Brewer, RC Owens, and Dean Moore. All three battled life-threatening illnesses, landing them on the waiting list – on the very brink of death. Then, a miracle. Each received a life-saving organ transplant: Greg, a liver; RC, a kidney; and Dean, a heart.

Dean's story is etched in my memory. A former San Francisco 49ers linebacker, I witnessed his entire journey. We called the ambulance for his heart attack, was at the hospital, when his own heart was deemed irreparable. He wouldn't survive the night. Then came the Jarvik artificial heart – a bridge to a future transplant.

The day the life-saving organ arrived felt like a scene from a movie – the helicopter hovering over his condo, the frantic rush to the hospital. I was there when they called, demanding he get there within 10 minutes. And for the next nearly 20years, I witnessed the incredible life he led, a gift from a selfless donor and their family.

These stories illustrate the extraordinary power of organ donation. Each of these individuals lived on, enriching the world with their presence. It wouldn't have happened without a courageous donor, a loving family honoring those wishes, and a system that facilitates these miracles.

This is where Donor Network West comes in. Through a dedicated recovery center, we aim to ensure that every donor's wish to give life beyond their own life is honored. With such a center, the chances of a donor's organ reaching someone in desperate need – like Greg, RC, or Dean – will significantly increase.

A dedicated recovery center isn't just about bricks and mortar. It's about hope – the hope for someone waiting by a phone, the hope for a second chance at life. It's about honoring the selfless act of a donor and their family's unimaginable strength.

Won't you join us in making this hope a reality? Help us build a dedicated recovery center and ensure that more lives are saved, more stories are written, and the world is enriched by the incredible gifts of organ donation.

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