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Celebrating Black History Month

This Black History Month, Donor Network West is celebrating the incredible contribution the Black American community has made and continues to make in healthcare. In celebrating and learning about these important healthcare heroes, we acknowledge the progress that has been made and continue the essential conversation about the challenges the African American community faces in receiving equitable healthcare.

Black Americans comprise about 28% of the national organ transplant waiting list. With more than 29,000 African Americans currently waiting for an organ transplant, Black Americans make up the largest group of multiethnic people needing an organ transplant. This is why it is vital for more people to register to become organ donors. The need is even greater for intercultural donations, as the success rate and future success of organ transplantations increased interculturally.

In this toolkit, you’ll find sharable social media posts, flyers, and more to help spark conversations about the importance of celebrating stories like these. We invite you to explore, utilize, and share these materials within your communities this Black History Month.

Black History Month Shareables

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Black History Month Trivia:








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We Speak Life Mini-Documentary (18 mins.):