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“Jonathan, On behalf of your mother and I, we would like to thank you again for being a tissue donor. As you know how difficult it is not having you here on earth with us, we all love and miss you everyday and we know you are in a better place. When my turn comes [...]”
In memory of Jonathan Patnaude | April 27, 2021
“Thank you for making me a better person, demonstrating to me on how to live a valued life, which has allowed me to pass on your legacy to others of being a kind and generous person. I only wish you were still here to allow me to share that with you. Sometimes one does not [...]”
In memory of Pamela R. Weil | April 27, 2021
“Albert made a wish to donate his organs after his death, and my sister and brother-in-law fulfilled his will. Personally I feel Albert is still alive in the means of people who accepts his organ donation.”
In memory of Albert Chan by Chang-Sheng H. | November 9, 2020
“We miss you so much but are happy that you continue to live through the gift of your organs. Thank you Donor Network for this wonderful service that you provide and giving life to others and meaning to the loss of our loved ones.”
In memory of Danny Molinari | Love ❤ The Molinari Family - April 1, 2021
“"In loving memory of Billy. ”
In memory of Bill Coleman | Love, Judy and Joe - April 11, 2021
“Praying for a miracle for Austin Salinas.”
In honor of Austin Salinas Maryann J. | December 1, 2020
“For Team Rueben, in honor of Robert Moss.”
In memory of Robert Moss by Renee H. | November 7, 2020

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