New name, same mission to save and heal lives.

California Transplant Donor Network announces a change in its name

March 24, 2015 — The nonprofit which facilitates the recovery of organs and tissues for transplantation to save and heal lives, announces today its new name– Donor Network West

“With this name change, we have the unique opportunity to redefine our identity and accurately represent all the ways we now serve our community partners and our donors,” said Cindy Siljestrom, Chief Executive Officer of Donor Network West, formerly known as California Transplant Donor Network.

Donor Network West is federally designated in northern California and Nevada to partner with nurses, doctors, families, funeral homes, coroners and medical examiners to facilitate the recovery of organs and tissues for transplantation.  Last year, 305 people phentermine online 37.5 mg became organ donors providing 1,007 lifesaving organ transplants.  Another 2,223 people said “Yes” to tissue donation and healed an estimated 92,000 lives with the gift of tissue.

Siljestrom said Donor Network West more accurately describes the two-state area the organization serves. In addition to partnering with 175 hospitals and five transplant centers, Donor Network West collaborates with coroners, medical examiners and funeral homes. It is the third largest organization of its type in the country.

“For nearly 30 years we’ve grown by honoring donors and their families and building a reputation as a trusted partner to hospitals and others,” Siljestrom said. “Ahead, our commitment remains, as stated in our new logo, ‘Heal a life through organ and tissue donation.’”