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Donor Network West Breaks Organizational Record of Highest Number of Organ Donors and Organs Transplanted in 2022

Multiethnic Organ Donors Continue to Donate at Record Levels Increasing the Available Organ Pool to Help Save and Heal More Lives

SAN RAMON, Calif. – January 12, 2023 – Donor Network West, the federally designated, non-profit, organ procurement organization for northern California and northern Nevada, coordinated 415 organ donors, resulting in 1,260 organs transplanted, helping provide a second chance at life to 1,108 organ transplant recipients in 2022. This is the highest number of organ donors, organs transplanted and organ transplant recipients in the organization’s history. The organization also coordinated 2,051 tissue donors and recovered 6,077 research samples, also an organizational record.

There are more than 100,000 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant in the United States, with 20,000 patients waiting in California and 600 in Nevada. Due to the lack of available organs, approximately 17 people die every day waiting for an organ that does not become available. To help save and heal lives and give hope to those desperately waiting on the national organ transplant waiting list, Donor Network West works every day to recover organs and tissues for transplantation and research, educate people about organ, eye and tissue donation and inspire more people to register to become organ, eye and tissue donors.

“I am so proud to work alongside such talented, compassionate and committed individuals,” said Janice F. Whaley, President and CEO of Donor Network West. “In partnership with our hospitals, transplant centers, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, funeral homes, coroners, and medical examiners, our team was able to continue to elevate our mission by recovering more organs than ever before, resulting in more lives saved and healed. This monumental achievement would not be possible without the generosity of our donors and their families. Because they said, “yes” to donation, we were able to honor their wishes and give transplant recipients a second chance at life. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our mission and look forward to continuing to honor the legacy of our donors and give hope to the thousands of patients waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.”

In 2022, Donor Network West also continued to increase its number of multiethnic donors, coordinating 230 multiethnic donors, a life-saving record which in addition to saving more lives represents the organization’s success in increasing outreach to multiethnic communities about the need for organ and tissue donation.   Donor Network West recorded the highest number of African American organ donors, coordinating 50, a 117 percent increase since 2018 and a 110 percent increase in authorization for donation. The organization also coordinated 120 Hispanic organ donors, and 37 Asian American organ donors. Donor Network West is proud that community outreach has provided more opportunities in the multiethnic communities it serves to participate in the donation process.

Among the 2,051 tissue donors Donor Network West facilitated, the organization recovered 522 saphenous veins, 309 heart valves and 46 aortoiliac vessels, each the highest record in the organization’s history. Each tissue graft has the ability to significantly improve the lives of patients.

In addition to organ and tissue donation for transplantation, Donor Network West also facilitates the recovery of organs and tissue for research to help support the advancement of new treatments for various diseases. In 2022, Donor Network West recovered more research samples than ever before, 428 of which were organs and 192 pancreas, both organizational records. Pancreas are particularly important for research as researchers continue to identify a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Donor Network West is committed to ensuring that all communities are educated about organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation so that one day we can eliminate the organ transplant waiting list. One donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and heal as many as 75 people through tissue donation. To learn more about organ and tissue donation and to register as a donor, visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or go to

January 12, 2023