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Second Chances Program

The Second Chances program allows Washoe County Deputy Sheriffs, at their discretion, to give registered organ donors in Washoe County, Nevada who are pulled over for minor traffic violations a warning ticket, as opposed to a fine. The program, offered in partnership with Donor Network West and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, runs Tuesday, Nov. 7 through Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Second Chances aims to encourage more Washoe County residents to register as organ donors. Drivers who have the official organ donor heart on their up-to-date Nevada driver’s license may be told that they are being given a second chance – because their status as an organ donor could give a fellow citizen a second chance at life.

Those who do not have the donor designation on their driver’s license may still be issued a Second Chances warning ticket for considering registering as a donor in the future.

There are approximately 700 Nevadans currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and more than 100,000 people waiting nationwide.

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